Born 1975 in Los Angeles, Bill McNeill moved to the Midwest in the early 80's during a graffiti revolution ever-metamorphing the landscape of Chicago. Long rides on public transit provided a colossal spectrum of colors, styles, and imagery. Always staying true to his foundation holding personal spirit and creativity above formal training, his transcending journey through life has provided the platform for his work today.

His vast medium selections motivated by natural elements, industrial textures, paint, romanticism and modern design create works that contexturalize into a vernacular of images. Often visually bold and consistently engaging, his work addresses culture through a lens of desire, beauty, emotion and identity. A mixture of textural paintings and photography, the works reside in an imaginative state of mind.

The artist seeks to always elevate personal growth in delicate but aggressive, thoughtful, beautifully created contemporary pieces. The work is always personal with an excessive passion to deliver a celebration of powerful and honest imagery. 






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